In today’s interconnected business landscape, the seamless integration of HR and ERP systems is essential for maximizing operational efficiency. Recently, one of our customers approached us with a common yet critical integration need: syncing employee records between Workday and NetSuite.

Our customer, like many others, relies on Workday for HR management and NetSuite for ERP functions — a popular combination. Recognizing the importance of synchronizing employee data across these platforms, our team embarked on a project to integrate the two systems.

The requirement was clear: create a solution that automatically creates employee records in NetSuite whenever new records are added in Workday, and ensures that updates to employee details in Workday are reflected in NetSuite.

To address this challenge, we first designed a custom report within Workday to list all active employees. Next, we created a Map Reduce script within NetSuite to handle the data synchronization process.

This script, configured to run daily, retrieves employee details from the Workday report and updates or creates employee records within NetSuite. Automating this task allows our customer to efficiently grant NetSuite access to new hires, eliminating the need for manual record creation. Additionally, it ensures accurate headcount and department information for the accounting team’s expense allocations.

Technically, the project went smoothly. Downloading reports from Workday via SuiteScript was surprisingly straightforward. Additionally, the decision to implement a map reduce script within NetSuite proved highly effective, eliminating the need for costly third-party integration platforms such as Celigo or Boomi.

With Workday and NetSuite seamlessly synchronized, our customer can now focus on driving business growth without the hassle of manual data entry or system inconsistencies.

If you’re looking to integrate Workday and NetSuite, or if you have any other integration needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is ready to create a solution to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced efficiency across your enterprise.

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