We recently collaborated with a client who was transitioning their sales team from NetSuite to Salesforce. The goal was to free up NetSuite licenses, but there was a significant challenge: the sales team still needed access to critical data that was only available in NetSuite. This included viewing item records to check inventory quantities at various locations, printing invoice records associated with sales orders, and accessing item fulfillment details for tracking numbers.

Initially, the client approached us for a quote to create custom objects in Salesforce and integrate all necessary data using Boomi. This solution, while effective, would have been a massive project requiring a substantial number of hours and resources.

After thorough discussions and a detailed analysis of the requirements, we proposed a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

We developed a SuiteLet in NetSuite to display the required data in an HTML page. This page was then integrated into Salesforce through VisualForce pages and added to the Order and Product objects.

Users could now access essential NetSuite data directly within Salesforce, and even print NetSuite invoices without leaving the Salesforce environment. This solution allowed us to display NetSuite data in Salesforce seamlessly, without the need for creating new objects, fields, or complex integrations.

As a result, the client was able to successfully transition their sales team to Salesforce, eliminate the need for additional NetSuite licenses, and achieve significant cost savings.

If you need a solution to display NetSuite data in Salesforce or have similar requirements, please contact us!


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